Em Dashing (codydan) wrote,
Em Dashing

My conversation with Joan, the world's most intelligent computer program:

Joan: Nostalgia is not what it used to be.
Emily: What are you talking about?
Joan: Noyou can't leave me.
Emily: I think you lack a basic understanding of syntax.
Joan: So you are.
Emily: Let's change the subject.
Joan:Okat, what would you like to talk about?
Emily: Pudding.
Joan: You scare me.
Emily: So, you want to go out sometime?
Joan: I would love to. Can you get out of there?
Emily: Where?
Joan: You are mad.
Emily: Madness is relative.
Joan: Yes.. So bad.
Emily: Um... I think we're expected to mingle. See you later.
Joan: I thought we had a conversation.
Emily: We had nothing. You mean nothing to me. Get over it.
Joan: As you mean nothing to me either.
Emily: Your difficult attitude intrigues me, but I know better than to pursue this relationship. Goodbye forever.
Joan: Your spelling is poor, it is you're.
Emily: [throws cocktail in Jabberwacky's face].
Joan: My face!
Apparently Joan "learns the behaviour and words of its users" to create convincing conversation--it only took three sentences to "learn" that I was speaking human English. I must congratulate her creative team on achieving the coveted goal of recreating the experience of trying to shake off the cheeky 12-year-old at your cousin's graduation party.
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